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Staff Application Format Update
We have finally made the move to ditch our old MCF recruitment post application format for a sleeker and organized Google Forms application which can be found right in the Ethos Economy forums. This new application form is super easy to use and makes submitted applications much more organized for our hiring staff so that no one's application gets missed or falls through the cracks. You can find the new application here:

Best of luck of your applications everyone,
Hi everyone!

It’s been so awesome getting to know you guys on the server the last couple weeks. First and foremost I want to thank you guys for all your help with reporting bugs and staying patient during Beta!

Today I am excited to bring you an extensive update that we have been hard at work on. The update includes new features and bug fixes as well as a super cool overhaul to the Gem Drop system.


  • 8 new ranks added to the Ethos Rank chain. Along with 8 new ranks we have revamped the rankup rewards and balanced prices[​IMG]
  • Improved GemDrop and professions system. In order to give Professions and Gems more importance on EE we revamped the drop system so that blocks and mobs now drop nearly 5x as many Gems which are deposited straight to your balance when you pick them up. Stay on the lookout for Emerald Chunks in your loot drops, these rare chunks can be worth thousands and can be deposited at /Bank.
  • Island world added! Type /Warp islandworld to explore our epic new custom terrain world and claim a island as your own!
  • McMMO added to the server with custom action bar announcements and custom McMMO stats with /mcstats
  • Broadcast announcements added to rare Crate prizes.


[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

*Note: This is a report from October 29, 2017