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    Jan 17, 2018
    1. The server being 1.8-1.12 really irks me, no elytra+combat cooldown+ any 1.9+ features.. This is how you'll get more players, I certainly would have donated already. It's not 2015 anymore, there's only so much you can do with 1.8 and below.

    2. The jobs plugin, while interesting, is a pain in the ass. Having to chase down your gems after breaking blocks and having room in your inventory isn't worth the effort. Please update the jobs plugin to something more reliable like Jobs Reborn, it works great with towny. Also, there's a competitive aspect to being top in a job, like mcmmo. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/jobs-reborn.4216/

    3. /market makes earning money grindy, I know I know when you get to CEO you can use /Shop, but let's be realistic a simple /sell or /sell all command would make it more user friendly and overall easier. We're selling to the server regardless.

    4. The ability for donors, I recommend Deluxe +, the ability to /setwarps, this will help with players looking to run a shop from their town, and remove the limit of the mayor being the only one to run a shop (I've seen a lot of towns with their spawn set at the /marketplace) it's messy and unprofessional.
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    Nov 8, 2017
    1. I do agree with this on a personal level, as minecraft is advancing, and so should we. I use 1.12.2 myself, as I feel it is the appropriate version to use now, and many servers are actually on 1.12, but allow 1.8 users, however we are 1.8, but allow 1.12 users.

    2. No comment for this one.

    3. Well, it would be helpful if you knew that it is Executive that gets the ability to do /shop, not CEO. Either way, I feel it encourages the players to rankup more knowing there is a extremely helpful perk coming their way if they are willing to give the server a shot.

    4.Currently in the works are player warps (/pwarps), which allow you to basically set a warp for the players, so anyone else can warp to it with that commands. Virtually the same thing as you just said, but it separates the important warps from the Player Warps and keeps things organized.