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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by SpookyMemez, Dec 7, 2017 at 12:58 AM.

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  1. SpookyMemez

    SpookyMemez New Member

    Nov 13, 2017
    I was banned today for boosting my main account with alts, I dont know how to use one certain alt so I used like 6? I know that I shouldn't boost my main account with alts so I could get more money on my main, but I do think a month ban is quite long and i'd probably forget about the server, but me saying I won't do this again won't get me banned so ill just stop here, please unban me.

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  2. SpookyMemez

    SpookyMemez New Member

    Nov 13, 2017
    I really do like playing on this server too, its one of my favorites
  3. SpookyMemez

    SpookyMemez New Member

    Nov 13, 2017
    I do admit though using the alts to give my main an advantage such as keys
  4. Animela

    Animela Well Known Member Server Manager

    Oct 25, 2017
    1. You have already managed to accumulate a Total of 15 days of Ban Time on the server from other offenses of cheating(Technically Cheat based Mods) + Several accounts of being Muted.
    You're going to need to learn that breaking the rules anywhere is not okay. This is one of the bigger offenses committed as well.

    2. If you knew that Alt Boosting was not allowed, why would you do it with a total of 6?
    You also knew that multi-Alting was not allowed.
    Not only were you generating and stealing the Starter Keys from these accounts you were also slowly Ranking them up and giving yourself the keys/stuff/money afterwards. After checking through everything on these accounts before the Ban was applied it was found that while most of them still had their starter armor (In case one only had 16 Dust on him period), None of them had anything in PVs, Nothing in Enderchest, no homes, no owned plots or chests and were used to Boost a Town's Plots x8 for each person. Which means most weren't even played legitimately for even a short time, you just paid them to rankup to give yourself more stuff.
    We do allow someone's "Single" alt to reside in their Town but beyond that the Alt is supposed to be played as a separate Player.

    I know you admit to it but this is a screenshot that I have. [​IMG]
    And From the server Chat Itself:
    Information Collected on Each Alt:
    - No /homes period
    - No Plots Owned
    - No Chests Owned
    - Player Vaults Empty
    - Enderchest Empty
    - Most had recently logged in within the prior 26 hours of the ban's beginning.
    - Most have no Punishment History

    - Still has his stuff. / Wanderer
    - Assumed to be a friend or Sibling who checked out the place but left. Has no histories beyond login/logout.

    - Belongs to MemezTown
    - Doesn't have any Tools, just his Starter Armor.
    - Resident (3 Rankups)
    - Was left standing by a Chicken Spawner

    - Originally Perma Banned for the First time this IP was found to have used too many Alts.
    - - The first time Multiple Alting is found the Main is asked which is Main and which alt they keep. This one was chosen to be dis-guarded.
    - Belongs to Memeztown
    - Only Keys Missing
    - Wanderer
    - Was left standing by a Automated Cow farm

    - Belongs Memeztown
    - Whole inv is missing except for random 16 Ethos dust.
    - Resident (Three Rankups)
    - Was left standing by the Automated Cow Farm

    - Doesn't belong to any Towns
    - Missing Keys, Missing Resources
    - Peddler (6 Rankups)
    - Left standing by the Chicken Spawner


    - Doesn't Belong to a Town
    - Missing keys
    - Left standing by the chicken spawner.
    - Traveler (1 Rankup)

    - Belongs to Valiancy,
    - Missing keys, Missing Resources
    - Left by random Chests in Memeztown
    - Went Mining for a Random Space of time
    - Citizen (4 Rankups)
    - Screenshot and Chatlogs show Bragging about Alt Abuse.

    This IP ban will last for 30 days.
    Your accounts themselves are also Banned. Trying to log on under a different IP will just give you the same exact message without the 30 day notice.

    Appeal is Denied.
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