Diamond Water - The Up and Coming Tourist Town!

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    Thought I should share this. The Ethos Gazette wrote a great article. I'm finally in the press for my work.

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    March 31, 2018.
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    The Diamond Water Restoration Project

    Unknown sources have indicated an up and coming tourist town known as Diamond Water -- Where the water is as fine as diamonds.

    'Member [GeminiWolf] has discovered something spectacular, and should capitalize on it immediately before the press gets a hold of that water,' said one source. The Ethos Gazette has agreed to follow the story until the town's completion, and with the help of GeminiWolf, they will uncover the fall and rise of this long lost town.

    'It's not unlikely someone would have noticed the water creates diamonds--he just happened to get to it first,' says another source, telling us about the power behind the never ending water supply. 'It just flows through town with ease...'

    We sat down with GeminiWolf to ask questions. He did not outright say why he took on the project, but it has something to do with his past. Local reporters went to the major landmark to take pictures, but Gemini asked for them not to be released until the town sees a prettier day.

    The town of Diamond Water was actually in a children's book by the same name--written by a man named Exelsier. The actual town was founded just a year after the book hit the market. There were only a limited number of copies and none (to date) have been found. It was soon blacklisted. Many Ethos members have tried re-writing the book, but Gemini knows the story like the back of his pickaxe and no one has been able to replicate Exelsier's work.

    As the story goes, there were two mayor's who founded the town: Gerald and Ethan, who were rumored to be lovers. The town grew crops at extremely fast rates. Soon enough, the townspeople started finding diamonds in the water. They began wearing shiny armor and flaunted their jewels! They even had the best tools the world had ever seen.

    Once the local's saw how profitable the water was, many pirates tried taking buckets full of diamonds and water. But a huge storm broke out, and lightning struck all the bad people who tried to get near. No one tried to steal for years. But on October 16, 1666, a wolf-man plowed through the farm with a huge machine built of diamond. He only knew how to say one thing: 'Hello, mates!'--after-all, he was half wolf.

    The wolf man took over the town, ripping out the throats of everyone except Gerald, who was thought to have escaped with a few others. In search for diamonds, he tears down every building leaving nothing but the river that flows. He had not found even one diamond...He didn't understand that they came from the water.

    The story ends with a thunderstorm where a crying donkey stands above the corpse of Gerald the mayor in an underground cellar.

    When the book-inspired town was founded, two men by the names of George and Ethan (just like in the book) collaborated on Exelsier's masterpiece to bring it to life. People who went to live in the town were outcasts as soon as they typed the command because the book was still blacklisted. They all wanted to build up the town despite the depressing story lore; it was their favorite book growing up and just something to do. In a decade, they had traded diamonds to passerby's and nearby towns and created a name for themselves, but under a pseudo name for protection of the town and their lives...

    They began to notice magic and power from the water, and diamonds started appearing everywhere. They couldn't tell anyone why they could grow crops at very fast rates and they never shared their secret. In the eleventh year, "The Storm That Never Stopped" destroyed the town, and some fled on boats and never saw daylight again, and some died in the water of riches.

    "Exelsier's work was ahead of it's time, for sure, but no one could have predicted a town named Diamond Water would just fall out, no matter if it was in a book or not...such a timely demise, it was."

    The restoration project aims to rebuild the lost town up again--in all that it used to be, plus some! Mayor's GeminiWolf and ExtraOrdinary59 are working to demonstrate how the water truly does bring people together. They believe the only way to keep the town alive and safe is to not have people stay there. They will build it for just the eyes of those who never got to see it, and it'll be the hot-spot for tourists all over the world want to see. Shops will be available and you can run your hands over the fossilized diamond block found fifty years ago! There may be future recruitment for the project, too.

    Before TEG left the landmark, Gemini did tell us his grandmother read the book to him as a child.


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