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  1. Nixxion

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    Mar 31, 2018
    VIPs should get the luxury to try this feature first as it's really good for players who need to chop down trees because I'm sure you've seen trees like these:
    Which aren't too pleasant to get rid of and I keep getting them pop up on my farm. What about an Easy Tree Cutting plugin that at the root of the tree, can get rid of all of them immediately, they can be for VIP+ to avoid players lagging out the server and it would benefit the server as players do not want to clear trees like these out using the vanilla method of removing them, because there is so much wood to chop out of the tree.

    Here is an example of a plugin that can cut down the trees: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/choptree.2046/

    • Will make the server better by removing trees faster.
    • VIP+ may only get the feature and it helps players, you can also develop a GUI to allow it to run or just simply keep it off, this could be a 'settings' feature you could implement.
    • Doesn't cost money to get or implement to the server.
    • May lag the server depending on how many players use it, depends on the server.
    • Not really suitable for regular players as they can use multiple ways of abusing this plugin.
    The Easy Tree Cut feature varies from person, whether you want to have this feature is entirely up to you.

    What do you think of this feature?
  2. t3mptr3s

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    Dec 12, 2017
    Tree Feller is one of my favorite perks of MCmmo. Would love something similar.