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    Hey Everyone,

    I am going to be showing you some Tips and Tricks about Ethos Economy that you may not know that could benefit you through Ethos Economy.

    New Players
    There is a lot to say about Ethos Economy as there is a lot of content that has been added into the server, that's why every player who goes to a new server will always be confused about what the server is about and how they can join in the fun. The first thought is what you want to do because a lot of players are doing a variety of things in Ethos Economy, such as Farming and selling crops, mining and selling ores and materials, or auctioning and selling. Many opportunities are available to you as Ethos Economy provides that to you, all you have to do is find a profession and work at it, something that you like; something unique, avoiding doing a job/profession that 'your friend is doing' is not showing how unique you are, choose something you're interested in! There is Parkour, PVP, and War Zones for players who like to be on the edge of the world. Come check out Ethos Economy there is so much do and see that you'll want to check it out.

    The Warp Menu
    Not a lot of players get to appreciate how well designed the Warp Menu is and how good it can handle warping you to the most important locations in Ethos Economy. There are a variety of warps from the Auction House to Crates or even the Mines which become helpful later as they help you earn money within time. Another way you can warp is by using the slash commands, such as /wild to go to places faster. Be sure to check this out!


    What do you think a profession is? Well, it's a job that you are interested in, something that you can do that others may not be able to do or are not interested in. This can be farming, mining, building, lumbering, or even crafting can be a great profession. Look for a job that you like and if you want to make money from it, go to /market or use the warp menu to find it on the warps menu to sell stuff that your profession produces, that way you will get money faster in your own way.

    Bare in mind, the professions are being updated by the time I release this, but you can still find ways of earning money.

    The best opportunity is to get into a town community, some of them will accept you quickly and some you may require asking, this process depends on the person and the town. Having a town can be beneficial as they can provide you with some space to put your inventory down, or build a house and talk to people in a community and even be able to help each other out by doing work. Sometimes if they're nice they will give you outposts that are used for personal space and farming, try it out.


    It is recommended that you vote as you can get goodies from just voting. All you need to do is go to the web links that are provided and put your Minecraft Username in and you will get goodies for voting and it will be announced on Ethos Economy. You could get diamonds, crate keys or money up for grabs for voting!

    Ranking Up
    One of the coolest ways to play on Ethos Economy is by ranking up and to do that you need money, of course. There are a variety of ways you can get money, here is just some of the ways you can earn money from this list:

    1. Mining in PvE or PvP Mines - By mining coal, iron, gold, lapis, redstone, diamond, emerald, and quartz; you can earn quite a sum of money from the market/auction house.
    2. Farming - If you have a town or live in one, you can just as easily find some crops and plant them, use bone meal and harvest crops to sell at the market/auction house.
    3. Loot Crates - Every time you rank up you get keys, these keys are important as some may give you epic gear and weapons, which can be traded for money on the auction house.
    4. Trying Professions: like Lumberjack, Blacksmithing, Alchemy - They can be very helpful to get you enough money to rank up.
    5. Participating in Contests/Events - The forums has a great variety of Contests/Events available to players who go on Ethos Economy's Forum, I would recommend you get a forum account and participate in the contests and events as they can give good rewards.


    Stat System
    Ever had something pop up on your chat screen saying 'You've levelled up in Stamina' this usually happens when you are doing something common, like farming or gathering, your stats go up for doing easy jobs like using your weapon against mobs or mining can increase your stat in that profession.


    There are many Tips and Tricks out there that you may discover in Ethos Economy, I hope that some of these will help you out as I may not have covered all of them. Some of these will be proven useful to you and some may find it irrelevant, but I hope that everyone recieves some information giving them tips and tricks to Ethos Economy. As I've said I have made this so that people can get some help to playing on the server.

    I hope this helps you out when you next play Ethos Economy.

    Thank you guys for reading this!
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