'Gemini' for Short.

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    Mar 22, 2018
    Hello, mates!

    I'm from PinesGrove, but recently moved to find my own land. I'm starting a stand-alone town called DiamondWater.

    My hobbies include: building, mining, writing and taking pictures of my donkeys Cas and Artisan.
    *this is Cas and me--don't mind my Christmas sweater.
    Social activist - Zombie Pigmen are truly harmful creatures, and squids are killed for the wrong reasons. Also, Ocean Monuments are MONUMENTS. Leave them alone, stop destroying our sacred land generation. Our homes can "look good" without prismarine decoré.

    Animal Lover - I own two donkeys, Cas and Artisan. Nuff said, animals are awesome!

    Builder - I create lots for the sake of seeing it. Come visit Diamond Water--a stand alone town where farming is a top priority.
    Visit my profile. Hopefully I'll update my status lots.