Hello Everyone! <3

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    Jan 20, 2018
    Hello Everyone! <3

    A Bit About Me:

    My Name Is JD but you can call me Panda! :D
    My favourite thing to do I play Minecraft with friends!
    I make YouTube videos so if you'd like to check out my channel and show me some lovely support I very much appreciate it! <3 Channel: https://youtube.com/pandaheroyt

    How I found the server:
    All day I've been looking for a new server for my friends and I to play on together and I was so close to giving up on looking when I was checking out who followed me on twitter.
    I'd noticed an account called EthosEconomy was following me so I clicked on the profile and scrolled down and found the server IP I've been playing Play.EthosEconomy.Com ever since.


    Thanks For Reading This Introduction It Took A While To Write!

    Have A Good Day! <3

    Good Bye