HighHrothgar (New Medeival Styled Town)

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  1. iJqckson

    iJqckson New Member

    Nov 27, 2017
    Hey everyone!

    In the last couple of weeks I have managed to grind my way up to Mayor rank in order to pursue my dream to make a Medieval town with pre-built houses for newer and older players to settle in and stay until they move on..

    I have started developing and clearing out the area of my town but it still needs clearing.

    These are the positions (with payment options) that are available for my town so far.

    Builder - Have to be able to build medieval house with hay bale roofs as I kind of want a nice design. I don't want time wasters so you will be tested.

    Small Sized Houses (8x8) - 3.5k
    Medium Sized Houses (16x16) -7k
    Large Houses (20x20 - 30x30) - 15/20k
    TownHall - 50k (I will help with this)

    Keep in mind you may not be paid instantly as I am only a mayor rank so it takes me a few hours to get 50k.

    Terrain Former - Someone who can create paths with multiple blocks, someone who can change the blocks around town to make it look more medieval, someone who can make things look more natural.

    Small Area - 2k
    Medium Area - 5k
    Large Area - 10k

    Same again, I won't be able to get your money instantly but we will create a contract.

    Bulldozer - Someone who is willing to mine trees, clear dirt areas, mine stone and get rid of grass and unwanted flowers.

    Small Area -1k
    Medium Area - 2k
    Large Area - 3k

    This job pays low as I find this a lot easier.

    Thank you to anyone willing to help out just chuck me a pm in game <3
    IGN: iJqckson

    ~ Jackson
  2. Conciter

    Conciter Member

    Oct 29, 2017
    If you've got a means of discord I'd love to approach this project with you from start to finish - I've been trying to find someone with similar aspirations for a town.
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  3. iJqckson

    iJqckson New Member

    Nov 27, 2017
    Thank you for your interest!
    - iJqckson#0395 (Discord)
    Hope to talk soon :)
  4. iJqckson

    iJqckson New Member

    Nov 27, 2017
    New UPDATE!
    I have officially cleared out our town space! 104 plots is the town size currently!
    We are also in LightDarkeness's Nation!

    Due to lag on the server I haven't been able to start the town hall however I did start one part of it in a single player world and here is how it looks so far:


    Thank you to everyone who has helped me this far!
    Still looking for helpers ^