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    Oct 31, 2017
    Hello and happy holidays everybody!
    We have been working for months on this update, we really hope you enjoy it!

    Professions Update:
    We have totally overhauled our professions system! Here are a few changes you can see in game to professions:
    - Added "Creator" profession - Combines tasks of all professions, while taking a 50% gem debuff
    - Added Lumberjack, Excavator, and Enchanter Professions
    - Added new "Gem Chunks" - Used like bank notes, withdraw them from the banker and use as physical in game cash
    - Added new "Mystery Gem Chunks" - Collected at a random chance while doing professions tasks. Each Mystery Chunk holds an unrevealed value. Find out its worth at the "Revealer" found at /Bank. Once revealed, Mystery Chunks work similarly to regular Gem Chunks.
    - Significantly raised the amount of gems given for each professions task. Also lowered shop prices for loot found from professions tasks to bring balance between the two (Any given profession should average around $25,000 gems per hour with the task + sold loot!) You can find the updated gem values > here <

    Bug finding contest:
    We have tested this plugin has best as we could, but there are sometimes little issues hiding where we couldn't see them. We want to make sure this plugin works well in the future so we are asking you to TRY to find issues with this new professions update!
    - 1 Uber Key (within reason) per bug found
    - Report any general issues you find to the #bug-reports channel
    - Anything that could be abused if players knew about it must be reported PRIVATELY to a staff member

    We would also like to note that this is the "Open Beta" release of the professions plugin. While the plugin is in open beta, many things are subject to a lot of change including shop prices, gem values, as well as temporarily removing the plugin upon finding of any large issues. Please be patient with us as we figure out the proper balance of these values, they are very tricky! Any players found abusing exploits found within the plugin will be permanently banned.