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    EthosEconomy YouTube Rank

    We love seeing player created content on the web and in order to encourage more of it we offer the YouTube rank to any player who creates a quality YouTube video 3 minutes or longer, no matter how many subscribers you have. YT rank gives you a special status on Ethos Economy and lets everyone know that you’ve helped promote Ethos by posting a video.

    YouTube Rank Requirements ◄
    • Upload a video about Ethos Economy on Youtube
    • Put Ethos Economy’s IP in the top of the video’s description
    • Submit the video in the comments of this thread
    • The video must be at least 3 minutes long
    • The number of subscribers does not matter

    YouTube Rank Perks ◄

    • 3 Uber Keys free
    • Access to /kit YT once weekly
    • Access to /feed

    Thanks for submitting your videos!
    A staff member will check your submission within 48 hours of posting.
    (When accepted your video will be deleted off the thread)

    Recording Software
    How to Upload a YouTube video

    Need anymore help? Feel free to contact me on Discord - Kzxy#5751
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