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    Oct 25, 2017
    Hello! I figured I should probably throw up one of these. I made one back on the first version of the forums but unfortunately it was deleted with the revamp of the old website and I've been so busy lately that when we did get the new site up I haven't had the time, haha.

    My in-game name is Animela but most people call me Ani. [​IMG]
    I understand the sentiment(or joke) but yes, while I do like Anime, I actually created my name before I even knew what it was.
    As per long running joke, I am also Server "Dad".

    I am 22 years old but I have been playing minecraft since I was 14.
    As of this post, I work for the server as a Network Manager although I'm probably one of the more common faces when it comes to the Executives. When I'm not working I actually do play the game in legit. No, I won't spawn you in items although if I find any extra you can probably buy it from me instead.

    My current "job" as a Manager is to Fix various stuff when I see them, talk to the community, occasionally help out with events/builds in the event world, ideas/passing ideas, nag the staff and most importantly: Nag Juicy and Zellio until I annoy them.
    I probably should be fired for nagging so much but either they secretly like it or they think they need it. [​IMG]

    As some people know, I generally don't have much of a filter so usually what gets spewed out is directly what I'm thinking. As a result, because my thoughts are so jumbled, I often end up writing books, seem to ramble on and on and can come across as a bit unprofessional although apparently people don't seem to mind this.
    Despite this, I'm somehow still working here after 3 years so.... No clue. [​IMG]

    On the Side I also work as a freelance Artist.
    Some of my stuff gets posted Here on my Deviantart and I also like to Stream here on Twitch when I'm actively Arting.

    As an Optional Project, I maintain the town of Treitana and the Nation of Creekafeol!

    Feel free to ask any questions you guys may have.
    Ani doesn't bite unless you break the rules. :p