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    Mar 23, 2018
    Hello there everyone,

    I just wanted to do this because I have some spare time, so as you can see while your reading this the title is Store values. I just wanted to say what the ranks and boosters give you (makes life easier)...

    You can simplely just visit: to donate to the server. The pay checkout is either paypal or another thing (I forgot).

    So whats so good about donating to Ethoseconomy?:

    Donating to the server makes the server even better, more gb (so the server won't be laggy as much), the server will have upgrades and many new features that you have never seen before, the forums may upgrade. You will also receive the item within 15 minutes of purchase and that you will have more perks and will have fun! That's great for the server right, including you? Right?

    Cheap Items?:

    For all the servers I have compared, this server has the best deals & values, due to the 80% discounts right now, look below, and it's even in USD! Not euros! That's good right? Also these ranks are to be kept permanently so you keep all your ranks & it will never go!

    VIP Rank: $2.99 (Was $9.99)!
    Premium Rank: $5.00 (Was $24.99)!
    Elite Rank: $10.00 (Was $49.99)!
    Deluxe Rank $20.00 (Was $99.99)!
    Uber: $40.00 (Was $199.99)!

    There are also many other items for you to get discovered, so make sure you go check it out by clicking here.

    Thanks for the owners plus admininstrators for creating this server and I hope you keep up the good work!