Why Ethos Economy is Fun

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    Mar 31, 2018
    Hello Everyone!

    It's me, Nixxion here to tell you how much I enjoy Ethos Economy. And yeah, some players may have mixed feelings about the server, but I have joined the server a long while back and I've enjoyed the server. Believe me, I would be honest with you and tell you that I would hate a server, but Ethos Economy is the best. I wouldn't buy VIP if I didn't enjoy it, but I am glad I have enjoyed Ethos Economy to the best of its ability. The staff are fantastic too because they help out a lot and generally get their jobs done.

    1. Towns - What better way to bring a community together is Towns because players can create their own communities and be able to help each other out, which is great as I've experienced a lot of fun out of that.

    2. Mines - There are two types of mines in Ethos Economy, PvE Mines and PvP mines that can fit the player, I generally play PvE Mines as I am a casual, but I have enjoyed mining and I get a lot of diamonds and emeralds from the mines, they're generally good if you just want to chill out.

    3. Community - Everyone on Ethos Economy is welcoming and they generally are nice. The staff are usually on and help out as best as they can, some members of the community really help out with general things, such as; Selling items, moving towns, and earning money.

    4. Staff - One thing about the staff I've enjoyed is that they can help fix your equipment when they're almost broken and I like that about them, they can also be great at helping you with your problems, which is great!

    5. Warps - Generally, who would be better without them? This is an essential key factor and is beneficial for the server. They generally help a lot, especially if you need to get to places like the mine or to the market.

    6. Loot Crates - Well, of course, they're fun, because you never know what you'll get from a loot crate. And getting a key is exciting to get because you get to find out what you'll get in a loot crate.

    7. Ranking - Every moment I play Ethos Economy is all about ranking up, but that's not all I like about the server, of course, I like a wide variety of features in Ethos Economy. Ranking on Ethos Economy is very challenging and it consumes your time and is generally rewarding, I would recommend you take as much time into getting ranked up as it can be rewarding in time.

    That's most of what I like about Ethos Economy, I assume that there are some other features that I like that I haven't featured yet, but if I haven't please let me know what you like about Ethos Economy, because I'd like to know and I generally am happy to hear what you like about Ethos Economy.

    Well, let me know what you think.