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    We're back!
    We're back bigger and better than before with a brand new forum, a brand new store and a whole new server!
    New features include a new spawn, custom terrain, plugins, enchants and lots more!
    Over the holiday period we are planning some events and we currently have a sale on our store.

    An issue we had before was that you guys wanted your ranks you bought before to be returned. This wasn't possible while Ethos was a part of Brave due to how different the servers/ranks were.
    Now Ethos has been reborn on it's own and is separate from Brave, ranks (and their perks) have now returned to how they used to be, meaning ALL ranks previously bought on Ethos have been given back to you.

    If you join the server and you don't receive your rank, make a support request in the support requests forum using the format provided in the rank support thread.

    Staff Applications
    As we're starting fresh, we're looking for new staff members!
    View the staff application format and instructions on how to apply by clicking here.

    Connecting to Ethos
    You can join Ethos through one of the following IP's:
    play.ethoseconomy.com, ethoseconomy.com or towny.gg on 1.13-1.15.1

    We hope to see you in-game!