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    New Additions
    /bottle - Bottle up your XP to trade with or sell to other players.
    /withdraw - Withdraw your money into banknotes to trade with or sell to other players.
    /trade - Don't risk your item being bought by someone on /ah when it's meant for one player. This allows you to give other players items in exchange for other items or money.
    /spawnerstats - You can now earn spawners by killing 2000 of any enabled mob. The below gif shows which mobs this is enabled for (it's also enabled for Zombies, Cave Spiders, Spiders, Blaze and Skeletons, these few are not purchasable in the shop, so you'll need to use a grinder, kill or be able to use silk touch on them by purchasing a rank on our store).

    Christmas Sale
    The increase I made to the Christmas sale is now over! It has returned to it's old value and will be ending soon!

    BlockBank - BlockBank had to be removed due to a duplication exploit. I will be remaking the plugin myself soon, to fix the issue.

    2020 Crate + New Sale
    As it's almost the new year, we've decided to release a new crate! This is a limited edition crate and includes some OP items due to the fact they're only around for a limited time and are better than ALL other crates, they're a little more expensive than Creator keys.
    There will be a new year sale on these (specific) crates for 2 weeks. (the Christmas sale will still apply to all other items on the store)

    Potential rewards can be viewed in-game using /cr preview 2020!

    Staff Applications + Suggestions
    As mentioned previously, staff applications are currently OPEN! Instructions on how to apply can be found on the staff application format thread! https://ethoseconomy.com/threads/open-staff-application-format.5/.

    We're always open to your suggestions and ideas, you can post any you may have on the forums in the suggestions section!